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Dental Specialties

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Smile Design Medellín

Specialized treatment to improve the appearance of the smile, in terms of tooth size, shape and color.

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Endodontics Medellin

Dental specialty that is responsible for the removal of the nerve when it has suffered irreversible damage due to deep caries or trauma.

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Oral Hygiene Medellín

Specialized deep cleaning (tartar and plaque) with ultrasound and dental stain removal with prophy-flex.

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Oral Surgery Medellín

Surgical intervention that allows solving any problem in the maxillofacial system such as impacted molars (wisdom teeth), cysts, abnormal growth of oral tissues, among others.

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Medellin Periodontics

Specialty that treats diseases caused in the gums and other tissues that support the teeth in order to prevent, diagnose and / or correct an infection or trauma.

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Medellin orthodontics

Correction of non-aligned teeth to maintain dental structures in a healthy and harmonious state through programmed brackets and / or plates.

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Dental Implants Medellín

Treatment to replace the loss of a tooth root with a titanium structure that firmly adheres to the bone. This will be restored with a crown and / or dental prosthesis. We have a novel computer-guided surgery system (Simplant Planner Software)

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Magnification-guided dentistry

For health care, the dental microscope is an optical instrument that is designed to magnify our vision and allow us to perform micrometric precision diagnoses and treatments. This gives us the opportunity to improve the quality of our procedures and perform extremely conservative dentistry with the tooth.

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